Patrick's Massage

Patrick Fischer, BA, LMT
c. 760.672.3920

The Best Compliment I can receive is a Referral of your Family, Friends or Colleagues!

Suggested Donation:
30 Mins $40
60 Mins $75
90 Mins $110
120 Mins $140
Travel and out-calls are additional, charges are assessed for only ONE of multiple massages at one location, have friends over for a massage!

Earn a Free Massage!! Ask about referral discounts, Gift Certificates and Pre-paid packages of 5 or more massages!

It has Always been my policy to reward my Fantastic Clients with a $10 credit towards their next treatment when someone they refer to me gets on my table!
Add them up! Refer enough people and your Next Massage is FREE!!

Training for an athletic event? Ask about my Team in Training Discount!


I've been touring most of my career and have been treated by some of the top massage therapists around the world. Who would have thought that I would find the best - and most healing - treatment in my family's backyard in Carlsbad! Tensions I wasn't even aware I had dissipated after one treatment and improved my performance, health and rest. I now extend trips to San Diego and Los Angeles by a day or two to make sure that I can schedule sessions with Patrick.
He's the best!
Jennifer Hamady
The Art of Singing

The most amazing hands! Sincerely, I have had a ton of body work, but Patrick is truly AMAZING! And the more he massages you and he gets to know your body the MORE amazing his healing hands work. I had a pinched nerve in my neck and shoulder for almost 2 years. I was treated traditionally with medical doctors who wanted me to go on steroids. A friend introduced me to Patrick and, in a nutshell, my pinched nerve is stress related and Patrick was able to move the blood flow drug free.
I have not had that pain for over 3 years
Lisa Justice
JR Investments, Inc.
Director of Regional Sales

A massage by Patrick is a truly transformative experience! As a therapist myself, I can feel the value of his intuition and years of practice every time he works on me. I leave the table relaxed and rejuvenated. I highly recommend his work!
Tia Lanzetta, H.H.P.
Spa Cucina Food & Body Therapies