Patrick's Massage

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How long is a typical massage?
A: Generally, massages range from one-half hour to two hours, graduating in half-hour increments. Your massage will be for the full amount of time you have reserved. (ie: an Hour and a Half massage is not the typical spa 80 minutes, it is an Hour and a Half!)

Q: What if this is my first Massage?
A: Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your appointment to ensure you receive the full amount of time, I will arrive about 15 minutes early if I am visiting you for the massage.
Your first visit with me will take about twenty minutes longer than the time you will be on the table. I will want to discuss your health, if there is anything out of the ordinary that may effect your massage (injuries, conditions), and you will also be able to let me know how you would like the massage to be, ie: relaxation or therapeutic in nature, etc.

My massage table will be set up in my office or can be brought to you as well as music, sheets and oils. You are more than welcome to provide your own music or oils if you have a preference or allergy if you wish.

After we discuss your massage I will leave the room and allow you to disrobe and make yourself comfortable on the table under the sheet. The amount of clothing worn during the treatment is totally up to you and your comfort level.

I generally provide the oils and would like to know if you have any preferences as to scents and/or allergies to them (I avoid peanut oil). Again, you are more than welcome to bring your favorite oil or scents to be used during your session.

The room will be heated unless you prefer otherwise.
Remember: This is Your Massage! Let me know of any preferences you may have. Making a guess is making a mess!

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: I understand everyone's time is valuable so...
Please arrive for your massage 10 to 15 minutes prior, to ensure you receive your fully allotted amount of time. Should you not be able to arrive at your designated time of appointment, I may not be able to accommodate a change in schedule, I May have someone Right after you. Therefore, your massage could last less than the amount of time agreed upon, ending in the scheduled timeframe (but I will try to accommodate). I Do try to be understanding and usually schedule enough time between clients to accommodate any minor changes. In case you cannot make your appointment, I would appreciate 48 hours notice, in order to make myself available for other clients. Cancellations made within 24 hours will require payment or will nullify any gift certificate or pre-pay situations (within reason).
Thank you